About Us

Behavioral Services Network is minority owned business of executives with over 100 years of combined experience in healthcare. Our founders, have extensive experience running large and start up health plans throughout Florida and Washington.

We are a network of over 14,000 behavioral and substance abuse points of access in Florida expanding into GA, South/ North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado and Illinois supported by proprietary technology that is cloud based with end to end encryption for maximum security.

Dedicated to Superior Service to Practitioners and Plans

Behavioral Services Network prides itself in responding to our customer’s needs by directly answering calls, providing training and up to the minute information that is useful.  Tireless advocates for recognition of the mind and body connection for effective whole person care and that integration of physical and mental health will improve lives.

What We Do

BSN provides plans with a turnkey solution for all behavioral and substance abuse outpatient and free standing inpatient services. We become the plans expert partners to contract and credential what will become the plans behavioral and substance abuse network. As partners we also work together to innovate and find ways to improve and optimize the services offered. For practitioners, BSN is a one stop shop for multiple plans, the resource for training and assistance with day to day concerns as they arise. One contract , one credentialing process and one dedicated representative to contact for several plans reduces the administrative burden for practitioners.

Specialized Services for Crisis Intervention

BSN’s TelePsychiatry network provides 24/7/ 365 access to board certified psychiatrists for individuals at extreme risk of harming themselves or others. These services are provided within 4-12 hours depending on the urgency.


Be the Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Specialty Provider Network Preferred by Providers and Plans